ARITHMOS Launches Version 2.4 of ArithmosCentrum ERP

ARITHMOS released ArithmosCentrum Version 2.4, a new and extended version of its proprietary Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This release delivers new features to further empower organizations wanting to extend their capabilities in managing bids, projects, invoicing and sales reporting.

Business charts

Highlights of the new release include:

– Web-based Features: Project requests can now be entered and reports can be accessed via the web with ArithmosCentrum’s new reporting engine. This allows real-time access to key reporting metrics.

– New Functions
– Customer and supplier invoicing, a feature not previously available in ArithmosCentrum which now completes the financial component.
– Project “copy and paste” function to speed up project plan production
– Transport Documentation (DDT) from timesheet/material input
– Audit Trail of all operations performed

– Added Value Functions: Version 2.4 includes system upgrades to facilitate day-to-day operations including project management, project export to Microsoft® Office Project and integration with Microsoft® SharePoint®, SalesForce®, Microsoft® Office Project Server and BOARD®.

– Intuitive Upgrades: In order to improve the intuitiveness of ArithmosCentrum, Version 2.4 features a new menu interface, report customization at entity level, supplier management at the project level and product configuration to manage feasibility.

ArithmosCentrum is available in different editions and pricing models. Visit the ArithmosCentrum website for the various editions.


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