ARITHMOS Announces eCRF Symposium for Cost-Effective Studies

doctechPharmaceutical and biotech companies are constantly facing challenges in the drug development process including tighter budgets and the need for higher data quality and accessible, real-time results. Academic research – including studies conducted by academic institutions such as universities, non-profit organizations or research hospitals – often face an uphill battle when it comes to clinical trial funding, trial design and meeting deadlines. The result is that the percentage of trials being conducted in an academic setting is actually decreasing. 

ARITHMOS is hosting a seminar on cost-effective eCRF/EDC solutions in Milan, Italy on Thursday, 10th of April. The seminar will demonstrate how even low budget studies can implement eCRF and EDC solutions to run more efficient trials and facilitate data collection and analysis.

This seminar was created based on the idea that cloud technologies and Software as a Service (SaaS) technologies are becoming an ideal solution for clinical trial professionals. A SaaS electronic data capture (EDC) solution can enhance the overall drug development process in terms of greater efficiency, effective decision-making and, most importantly, cutting costs. Life science applications offered in SaaS mode allow users to pay for functionalities needed, the ability to reuse documentation and the ability to reuse the application with slight modifications for different projects.

During the seminar, ARITHMOS will present Symphony, an EDC platform that is simple, inexpensive and has the basic features of an EDC to meet the requirements of Investigators. Symphony is offered as Software as a Service (Saas), meaning the organization can work independently to set-up the study and build the database.

The speaker lineup is still being finalized, however the seminar will feature an expert panel of clinical trial professionals in the academic and pharma sectors who will discuss increasing efficiency, producing higher quality data with real-time results and improving timelines while staying within budget.

   The eCRF Symposium is sponsored by ARITHMOS and the University of Bicocca-Milan. All participants are invited to a light cocktail reception after the presentations; the seminar is free of charge but spaces are limited. For more information or to register:

eCRF Symposium and Symphony EDC (English Version)

Simposio sulla Scheda Elettronica: Symphony EDC (Versione Italiana)


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