ArithmosCentrum and the Challenges of the 21st Century Human Resources Manager

HRThe role of the Human Resources Manager has changed drastically over the last decade. While Human Resources was once associated only with the hiring of employees, the Human Resource department today has an overwhelming amount of responsibilities and tasks within an organization. He or she can be responsible for knowing and implementing new laws, maintaining proper documentation, hiring and firing employees, managing relationships between colleagues and resolving disputes as well as managing the company’s resources for upcoming projects.

Arithmos discusses the challenges of a 21st century Human Resources Manager and how ArithmosCentrum integrated software can help.

1. Document and Knowledge Storage

Human Resource Managers are responsible for knowing current labor and business laws in order to make sure the company is complying with all of its legal obligations.

ArithmosCentrum supplies the Human Resources department with document storage for all important Human Resources documents. AC’s administrative settings allow access only to those granted, therefore the Human Resources Manager can ensure documents are not accessible to the whole company.

2. Employee and Candidate Records

The Human Resources department’s main responsibility is to manage employees and employee relationships. During the hiring process, the HR Manager needs a place to store candidate CVs/resumes, job descriptions and interview questions that are available with just a click.

Once employees are hired, the Human Resources department needs to keep track of all of their records including qualification forms, official documents like copies of ID cards, CV/resumes, biographies and training records.

ArithmosCentrum can help HR Managers, especially those with small to mid-size companies, organize all of this information in one integrated system. This becomes particularly useful when Project Managers are putting together a project team and need to pull biographies and qualification forms. It also helps Line Managers follow employee training plans, and HR Managers can know if employees are complying with local law regarding required training. ArithmosCentrum has a module that allows all training logs to be displayed and printed.

3. Managing Workload

Another main responsibility of Human Resources is “resourcing”, especially for service-provider and project-oriented companies. HR Managers need to know if a project has the right amount of resources and the proper resources both in the present and in the future.

ArithmosCentrum allows HR Managers to see what resources are available for upcoming projects and plan accordingly. Project Managers also receive an automatic alert if a project is running off course or off budget and can liaise with the HR Manager to assign the proper resources.

4. Managing Productivity

HR Managers, in addition to Line Managers, are responsible for making sure employees are productive and meeting project deadlines.

ArithmosCentrum has a  TimeSheet function, which can be customized based on a company’s departments and operational tasks, which allows the HR Manager to track employee activities. Employees can enter daily hours and activities performed during the day which can then be printed monthly by the HR department.

Overall, the 21st century Human Resources Manager needs to manage employees in terms of logistics as well as productivity. The role of an HR Manager requires organization, effective communication and accessible information. As an integrated software system, ArithmosCentrum allows the HR Manager to organize documents, manage resources and stay in line with other departments.



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