Why Academic Research Should Consider EDC Solutions

designer_genes_featureAcademic Research – including studies conducted by academic institutions such as universities, non-profit organizations or research hospitals – typically faces several challenges when conducting studies. The percentage of trials conducted in an academic setting is actually decreasing. These institutions often struggle to find funding and lack the support of physicians. Those conducting academic research trials usually must design the trial themselves and procure the necessary resources. Arithmos discusses EDC for the academic setting.

Electronic Data Capture (EDC) could be one solution to facilitate the conduct of clinical trials in academic or non-profit settings. The availability of integrated data can enhance the overall drug development or enhancement process through greater efficiency and effective decision-making.

How can EDC be beneficial for academic research centers?

1. Cost and Budget

EDC is generally quicker and more cost-effective than paper-based studies. While academic centers are strapped for cash, there are EDC systems that are low-cost, yet efficient. Sponsors can resolve discrepancies faster and reduce time and costs with immediate feedback from patients. Query management is accelerated, and technology experts can integrate using good practice designs to support data transfers in real-time.

2. More Accessible Trial Information

An EDC solution can organize multi-centre study data into a single database. This provides biostatisticians with up-to-date study metrics and statistical reports can be carried out in the short term with a low risk of error.

3. Higher Data Quality

Academic Research Centers can accelerate approval and review timelines by improving data quality. EDC can improve the quality of data by storing data in an encrypted mode and providing audit trails. EDC systesm also provide automated edit checks and discrepancy checks, and most systems are compliant with GCP and regulatory guidelines.


Arithmos Introduces Symphony: A low-cost EDC system ideal for the Academic Community

Arithmos can offer an EDC platform that is simple and inexpensive, yet effectively manages clinical trials and collects patient data electronically. The key features of this platform include:

  • Electronic Data Collection from Investigator Sites
  • Direct patient input to web data collection
  • Easy study database build
  • Audit trail
  • Easy view of eCRF structure and status
  • Query Management

Additionally, the primary functions of Symphony are its quick and easy study build, classic project management tools, real time reporting and a public trial space to publish information and documents with a wider global audience.

Arithmos has now launched the Symphony EDC User Group Forum on LinkedIn in order to openly discuss the benefits of Symphony as well as address any issues with the system. We invite you to join the discussion


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