Clinical Data Visualization and Return on Investment

CDV1One of the biggest challenges of any clinical trial is sorting and managing the vast amount of data collected. Data Visualization is the concept that data can be structured and viewed through a variety of charts and graphs to facilitate analysis. Sponsors of clinical trials needs to be able to make sense of data collected in order to make important decisions. Data Visualization is becoming increasingly important as the European Union’s data transparency policy inches closer to a reality. If clinical trial data becomes accessible to the public, pharmaceutical companies will need traceable and accurate clinical trial data.

Arithmos discusses the return on investment for implementing clinical data visualization tools. 

The return on investment from the implementation of data visualization tools is the amount of time saved by being able to access and analyze data immediately and using data to identify and fix problems. 

Data Visualization tools now make it possible to collect data from multiple sources, even disparate databases, and display the data in a structured format for all members of the clinical team. An added value is the ability to drill-down data and click-through multiple levels of details to aid in analysis. The tools available today for data visualization are generally cloud-based which means Sponsors avoid the technology hassle of HTML or plug-ins and enjoy the convenience of data “on the go”. 

Perhaps the biggest benefit to data visualization tools is the ability to see and analyze data clinical metrics from multiple sources in real-time. Ad hoc reporting tools make metrics like site information, safety and efficacy, drug supply and patient management readily available. And if problems arise at a particular site, such as adverse events or resupply, the Sponsor can be notified immediately. 

What solutions are available for clinical data visualization?

Arithmos can facilitate the selection of data visualization tools by offering a variety of solutions for managing clinical trial metrics.

  • Arithmos has partnered with some of the best business intelligence and data visualization providers to bring “next generation” clinical data visualization tool. This tool allows Sponsors to benchmark studies and track progress as well as understand Key Performance Indicators. Perhaps the best data visualization solution in the industry, data is pulled from multiple, disparate sources and always traceable and accessible.
  • Need a solution that is compatible with a smartphone or tablet such as the iPhone or iPad? Arithmos can integrate Business Intelligence tools with Data Visualization tools on your handheld device.
  • With the changing pharmacovigilance legislation, real time safety data is crucial. Arithmos has data visualization solutions for clinical safety reporting from the best pharmacovigilance databases and systems.

CSV2EU Data Transparency Update: While the EMA released an official document in June, the implementation of the Data Transparency legislation is still in progress. The EMA is expected to have a final policy by 30th of November 2013 which goes into effect on the 1st of January 2014. Policymakers are still ironing out details on protecting patient confidentiality, clinical data formats and good analysis practices. Some pharmaceutical companies, like GSK, have already taken steps towards making data available by creating a system where researchers can request access to anonymized patient level data, and the validity of the request will be analyzed by an internal team.



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