3 Ways CRO Business Development Managers Benefit from ArithmosCentrum

linked_logoArithmosCentrum is the only ERP software solution (Enterprise Resource Planning) that can manage the information flow between sales, project management, finance and resourcing for any project-oriented service provider. In a Contract Research Organization (CRO) environment, clinical systems usually cater to operations and possibly finance, while Business Development Managers (BDM) are often left to their own CRM tools for tracking sales. This can leave the BDM, who also acts as an Account Executive, out of the loop in terms of project plans and finance. 

Here are 3 ways ArithmosCentrum facilitates the job of a BDM and improves project governance between sales and other departments.


1. ArithmosCentrum is a CRM solution that allows the sales team to track bids, proposals and contracts

Every project starts with your Business Development team and a sale. With ArithmosCentrum, the BDM can enter new requests into the system to track RFPs, budget proposals and any other documents from the client. All budget proposals are stored in ArithmosCentrum so the BDM can keep track of its client history.

Using the “New Request” form, a BDM can enter client basic information and then information regarding the study: therapeutic area, indication, phase, services required, etc. All these fields are customizable so the company can build a request form compatible with the BDM’s needs.

2. The BDM is always aligned with the Project Manager and Financial Officer

ArithmosCentrum links the BDM to all other operational departments, eliminating the need for excessive communication. Once the BDM enters a new request into the system, ArithmosCentrum automatically notifies the Project Manager that Project Plan needs to be created. The BDM can also assign a due date for the Project Plan and Budget Proposal to meet customer requirements.

Through an automatic alert system, the BDM knows when the project plan is complete, when the budget needs to be done and when the budget proposal is ready to send out. The BDM can then keep track of milestone payments and update the customer on project status without going through a Project Manager. Acting as an Account Executive, the BDM will know if a project is going off course in terms of timelines or cost.

cartoon-salesman-193266223. Automatic Budget Proposal Cuts Writing Time by 90%

Perhaps the most attractive feature to a BDM, the automatic budget proposal allows the BDM to focus on sales rather than writing a proposal.

ArithmosCentrum allows you to produce an automatic, yet highly customized, budget proposal using data entered into the system during the RFP and Project Plan stages. With the click of a button, the BDM can create a fully formatted proposal containing a cost summary, project strategy, list of assumptions, project schedule, details of the project team, payment schedule, etc.

The automatic budget proposal guarantees a professional document using your own corporate layout. It saves days of work every month and allows more time to be dedicated to sales, and less need for proposal writers.


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