EDC System Usage Survey: How Experience Improves User Satisfaction

Arithmos has been conducting an open survey via social media on Electronic Data Capture use among clinical trial professionals to determine what the barriers to use are and why some clinical trial professionals prefer EDC over paper. To date, the survey has 178 respondents in over 25 countries – the majority of participants being Project Managers, Data Managers and Investigators. Here we share some of the results from the survey.

The Electronic Case Report Form (eCRF) is used to capture data on a patient via electronic entry. As opposed to a paper CRF, eCRF can be downloaded on electronic devices, record data in real time and increase patient compliance. So, why are some still hesitant to use eCRF?

survey 1

The majority of respondents are concerned about technical problems. Arithmos also learned through a previous question, that while many clinical trial professionals are comfortable using computers, many are not yet accustomed to using smartphones and tablets or other medical devices for collecting data.

Technology-based barriers can be overcome through training, HelpDesk services, local language support and data security.

The next question was “What are the advantages to using EDC? Check all the apply.”


Therefore, if EDC is posing significant advantages, how can we overcome the barriers to EDC use and make a gradual shift to eClinical trials?


Therefore, we have learned that technical support, including HelpDesk IT and training support, is critical for EDC acceptance and continuous use. There is an opportunity for more eLearning training and to improve HelpDesk services.


Arithmos analyzes the PROs and CONs of EDC use and how to overcome barriers to use.


The EDC usage survey is still available by clicking here. Feedback and comments on EDC usage is always appreciated as we continue our international survey. For more information on EDC, visit our website which includes an article on ePRO and EDC integration.



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