DIA Recap: Arithmos Highlights from Boston

The DIA 49th Annual Meeting in Boston has come and gone, and as a first time exhibitor, Arithmos was pleased to be a part of the show. We enjoyed meeting new contacts and discussing new trends in clinical trials, especially technology solutions. Here are some of the highlights from our week in Boston:


1. Pharmacovigilance – Safety Databases and Reporting

As clinical trial technology experts, we aim to keep up with trends in the industry. We met many contacts who are interested in building automatic safety databases with real-time access to safety data.

2. Introducing ArithmosCentrum to the American market

Arithmos has developed an Enterprise Resource Planning system for CROs which combines sales, project management, finance and resourcing. We had the opportunity to introduce this product to the American market at DIA and demo AC for several CROs.

3. Networking Event at the New England Aquarium

Arithmos joined CROS NT and Kubo Recruitment in hosting a networking event at the New England Aquarium. We would like to thank all those who joined us for a great evening!


4. Raising Money for One Fund Boston

Arithmos joined in CROS NT and Datatrak’s mission to raise money for One Fund Boston – a fund which supports victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. We helped sell t-shirts in which all proceeds went to One Fund Boston. We are pleased and proud to announce that $1,615 was raised and the money was donated to One Fund today!


Overall, Arithmos is pleased with its DIA experience and we are looking forward to next year’s show in San Diego! For more information on our clinical trial technology services, visit http://www.arithmostech.com. 


2 Pharmacovigilance Solutions for Clinical Trial Safety Reporting

ipad dataIn order to ensure safety and comply with pharmacovigilance regulations, massive amounts of safety data must be analyzed. Arithmos explains how automating pharmacovigilance systems can improve the identification of adverse events through real time data results. Arithmos summarizes two safety reporting solutions for clinical trial safety reporting.


clinical1. Automating Signal Detection 

Combining statistical analysis, statistical programming and IT support under a commonly used platform like SAS is an ideal solution for automating data collection and analysis from multiple sources to implement an efficient signal detection process. In order to automate the process, a system needs to be in place to pull and analyze data from the safety database. The key aspect is the data integration between safety databases, regulatory databases, and patient data from external database sources.

The identification of signal criteria and the implementation of standardized programs automates the signal detection process. It also produces structured data which speeds up the task of finalizing Eudravigilance submissions.

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2. Integrating Oracle AERS with Oracle Business Intelligence

The Oracle AERS and Business Intelligence integration is an investment in outsourced pharmacovigilance work which requires the need to access real time data and results. Arithmos integrates Oracle 9i database with Oracle Business Intelligence Standard One edition which creates an Oracle interactive dashboard that allows companies to constantly access data and results.

The Logical Business Model has automatic creations such as tables, but manual creation is also possible. The Oracle BI dashboard allows customization of page layout according to user requirements. The dashboard is interactive, which allows companies to access live data corresponding to user requirements.

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Arithmos will be a first time exhibitor at the DIA Annual Meeting in Boston next week. Stop by Booth 607 to discuss our pharmacovigilance solutions with us! 

Countdown to DIA Boston: 3 Reasons to Visit Arithmos at Booth 607

The countdown is on to the DIA 49th Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts taking place June 23-26. With just 10 days to go, Arithmos is excited to be a first time exhibitor at Booth 607 as it introduces its clinical trial technology services to the North American market. Read more to see what you can expect from Arithmos at the DIA Boston conference this year.

1. Demos of ArithmosCentrum

AC DIA2013ArithmosCentrum is an ERP system specifically designed to meet the challenges of CROs. The ERP system was developed by Arithmos with the goal of providing a project management system that incorporates other office tasks and linking the project plan to proposal, budget and scheduling. ArithmosCentrum helps improve project governance and reduce administration time in all departments. Using this system, CROs can produce budget proposals faster, efficiently manage project plans and stay on budget for all projects. They can also manage increased workload by forecasting the resources needed in the future.

Throughout the DIA conference, Arithmos will be providing demos of ArithmosCentrum at Booth 607. If you prefer a private demo, please email us at info@arithmoscentrum.com prior to the show.


2. Networking Event at the New England Aquarium – 25 June at 6 p.m.

To celebrate our expansion to the North American market, Arithmos is co-sponsoring a networking event at the New England Aquarium the evening of June 25th in the West Wing Gallery. The event will include a cocktail reception and an interactive shark tank! We invite you to join us at this great event, however space is limited, therefore contact us to reserve a ticket which can be picked up at Booth 607.

Aquarium Invite

3. Booth Giveaways

Be sure to visit our booth for some of our great giveaway items like mobile and tablet screen cleaners and enter your business card to win an iPad Mini.

ARITHMOS provides IT products and services to different industries but with a special focus on making the conduct of clinical trials faster and more efficient for Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device companies, and also CROs. The company provides products for ePRO, EDC, Pharmacovigilance, eLearning, Data Visualization and Project Governance. Services include data integration, computer system validation, hosting and HelpDesk.

Arithmos to Co-Host Networking Event at New England Aquarium at DIA Boston

Arithmos is excited to be a first time exhibitor at the DIA 49th Annual Meeting from 23-26 June in Boston, Massachusetts. Exhibiting at Booth #607, Arithmos is anxious to expand  to the North American market by offering a clinical trial technology package of EDC, ePRO, pharmacovigilance applications and safety databases, eLearning platforms, HelpDesk tool, data visualization and reporting and hosting services. 

Arithmos is marking the event by co-hosting a networking event at the New England Aquarium on Tuesday, 25th of June at 6 p.m. The event will be held is in the West Wing Gallery and will include a shark tank show. If you are interested in attending this great event, please contact us or visit us at Booth 607. We have limited space available at this event.

Aquarium Invite

Arithmos is also planning to introduce ArithmosCentrum to the North American market. ArithmosCentrum is an ERP system specifically designed to meet the challenges of small to mid size companies like CROs. The ERP system was developed by Arithmos with the goal of providing a project management system that incorporates other office tasks and linking the project plan to proposal, budget and scheduling. Arithmos is providing demonstrations of ArithmosCentrum throughout the conference at its booth.

EDC System Usage Survey: How Experience Improves User Satisfaction

Arithmos has been conducting an open survey via social media on Electronic Data Capture use among clinical trial professionals to determine what the barriers to use are and why some clinical trial professionals prefer EDC over paper. To date, the survey has 178 respondents in over 25 countries – the majority of participants being Project Managers, Data Managers and Investigators. Here we share some of the results from the survey.

The Electronic Case Report Form (eCRF) is used to capture data on a patient via electronic entry. As opposed to a paper CRF, eCRF can be downloaded on electronic devices, record data in real time and increase patient compliance. So, why are some still hesitant to use eCRF?

survey 1

The majority of respondents are concerned about technical problems. Arithmos also learned through a previous question, that while many clinical trial professionals are comfortable using computers, many are not yet accustomed to using smartphones and tablets or other medical devices for collecting data.

Technology-based barriers can be overcome through training, HelpDesk services, local language support and data security.

The next question was “What are the advantages to using EDC? Check all the apply.”


Therefore, if EDC is posing significant advantages, how can we overcome the barriers to EDC use and make a gradual shift to eClinical trials?


Therefore, we have learned that technical support, including HelpDesk IT and training support, is critical for EDC acceptance and continuous use. There is an opportunity for more eLearning training and to improve HelpDesk services.


Arithmos analyzes the PROs and CONs of EDC use and how to overcome barriers to use.


The EDC usage survey is still available by clicking here. Feedback and comments on EDC usage is always appreciated as we continue our international survey. For more information on EDC, visit our website which includes an article on ePRO and EDC integration.