Is ArithmosCentrum Suitable for You? Take our Quiz!

linked_logoArithmosCentrum is an ERP system specifically designed to meet the challenges of small to mid size companies like CROs. The ERP system was developed by Arithmos with the goal of providing a project management system that incorporates other office tasks and linking the project plan to proposal, budget and scheduling. Using this system, CROs can produce budget proposals faster, efficiently manage project plans and stay on budget for all projects. They can also manage increased workload by forecasting the resources needed in the future.



So, you do you know if ArithmosCentrum is suitable for you?

  • Do you organise your workload on a per project basis?
  • Is your company made up of different functional departments – for example: Business Development/Sales, Project Management, Finance, Human Resources, Operations?
  • Does your company produce budget proposal documents for clients?
  • Do you need to create project plans?
  • Do you currently enter project information into multiple systems and documents? (e.g. MS Project, Excel Spread Sheets, Time Sheet System, CRM, etc.)
  • Do you ever have communication problems between departments?
  • Do you find it time consuming to figure out if you have the right number of resources for the work coming in?
  • Do you seek one central place to track training records, CVs, biographies, vendor details, customer details, project documents, contracts etc?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, ArithmosCentrum is the software tool for your company to facilitate project management and improve project governance.

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