Arithmos Integrates Oracle AERS with Business Intelligence; Investing in Pharmacovigilance

Arithmos has been investing in technology developments to meet the needs of the pharmacovigilance market, in particularly the need to make data more readily available. The Arithmos team recently integrated Oracle AERS and Oracle Business Intelligence to meet a specific need in the pharmacovigilance market: to provide a user-friendly platform that allows real-time access to structured data. As an Oracle Business Process Outsourcing Provider, Arithmos can use and understand Oracle applications to offer a premium value package to its clients.

oracle business intelligence

Defining the Need

The Oracle AERS and Business Intelligence integration is an investment in outsourced pharmacovigilance work which requires the need to access real time data and results. The current process involves an Oracle9i database and periodical reporting through SAS which publishes reports in a web page. However, the data is not always available in real time, therefore Arithmos has identified the following user requirements:

  • Accessibility to live data anytime, anywhere in accordance with regulatory requirements
  • Aggregated data: the ability to navigate, modify and interact with results
  • A flexible platform and an easy-to-use interface

Arithmos’ Solution

pharmacovigilance technologyThe proposed solution by Arithmos is an integration of the Oracle9i database with Oracle Business Intelligence Standard One edition which creates an Oracle interactive dashboard that allows companies to constantly access data and results.

The implementation process requires building a Business Intelligence repository, analyzing data and publishing data on the Dashboard. An ODBC connection is required to import Oracle AERS data into an Oracle BI repository where there are 3 layers: Presentation Object, Logical Business Model and Physical Data Sources.

The Oracle BI Dashboard management allows customization of paye layout according to user requirements. A web interface allows access to the “Answer” section where queries, charts and format views can be created. The Dashboard is interactive, which allows companies to access live data corresponding to user requirements.

Why invest in Pharmacovigilance?

The pharmacovigilance market is expected to grow to $2.2 billion USD by 2015, according to a Frost & Sullivan report (World Pharmacovigilance Markets in Lifesciences). The FDA adnd EMA have increased regulations on drug safety, and in an effort to cut costs, pharmaceutical companies are outsourcing drug safety work.

A burdening cost for most companies is technology and the migration of data from one system to another. The pharmacovigilance market will benefit from system integration that provides readily available data and results.

Arithmos and Pharmacovigilance

oracle-gold-partner-logoAs an Oracle Gold Partner and BPO partner, Arithmos can provide the licensing for Oracle AERS and Oracle Business Intelligence and take care of the implementation and integration. A Business Intelligence licensing solution is recommended for companies in which:

  • Staff is not familiar with database navigation
  • Real time and constant access to data is necessary
  • In-depth data analysis is necessary

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