Welcome to Arithmos’ Tech Blog Launch; Allow us to Introduce ArithmosCentrum

Arithmos Welcome to the new healthcare technology blog launched by Arithmos – an IT company which provides products and services to different industries but with a special focus on making the conduct of clinical trials faster and more efficient for Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device companies as well as Contract Research Organisations (CROs). This blog aims to cover trends and hot topics in the healthcare technology industry – especially technologies that facilitate the clinical trial process.

That being said, we would like to introduce our latest software product, developed in-house to help CROs manage clinical studies. By now you may have heard of ArithmosCentrum, a unique Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to manage clinical operations and back office tasks. Clinical projects today are complex in nature and often global, meaning there are virtual teams and project variance. An ERP system is designed to manage business and project management aspects. Accurate planning is the first step towards successfully completing a project on budget. Assumption on units, resources and technical requirements are often estimated by one team member and left to another to complete. Knowledge management is therefore a must. Reporting tools help the project stay on course – especially in terms of budget.

ArithmosCentrum manages the whole process from Proposal/Quotation Request to milestone payments avoiding the need to enter the same data into different systems. It is a central repository for all project information and introduces workflow through automated notification to the next person in the process.

It automates the production of Cost Estimates, Proposal Documents, Change Orders, Work Orders, etc. It also tracks current projects giving reports on every aspect from work completed to work forecasts. It is an indispensable tool for resource planning, tracking of contractual status, sales pipeline, billing forecast etc.

ArithmosCentrum has the potential to cut administrative costs by up to 30% and budget proposal writing time by up to 90%.

ArithmosCentrum ERP

ArithmosCentrum Process Flow: Click to Enlarge